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22.10.2022 Donor Gathering @ Hong Kong Cancer Fund Jockey Club Support Centre, Kwai Chung

We are so delighted to once again have our donor gathering! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been unable to organize any donor events for nearly 3 years We are so thrilled to see our donors once again.

Cancer survivors, Alice and Eva started off our event by, sharing their life-changing experiences after they were diagnosed with cancer and how they overcome the journey with the help from our professional teams. Their stories touched everyone.

We then introduced one of our most popular workshops at our Centre – Heal Your HeARTs.  During the process, the participants created unique fluid paintings with different lines and layers by using wind and air to make alcohol and ink pigments flow and overlap.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the fascinating process of expressing their inner feelings by creating art through alcohol ink painting.

The entire event gave everyone the opportunity to de-stress and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon!

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Cancer Fund  Cancer Fund   Cancer Fund  Cancer Fund  Cancer Fund 

Cancer Fund   Cancer Fund  Cancer Fund  Cancer Fund


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