Just like the cancer patients and families we help, we need all the support we can get. As a registered non-profit organisation in Hong Kong, we receive no money from the government or The Community Chest and rely solely on community support to provide our services. Thanks to our executive committee, which includes renowned medical professionals, we can call on the generosity of doctors and individuals who are prominent in their respective fields.

Honorary Patron
The Honourable John KC Lee, GBM, SBS, PDSM, PMSM
The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region People’s Republic of China
Honorary Presidents
Mrs. Sally Lo, BBS, MBE
Founder & Chief Executive
Mrs. Sally Lo, BBS, MBE
Executive Committee
Mr. Robert K. L. Lo, Co-Chairman
Dr. Andrew W. M. Yuen, Co-Chairman
Mr. Henry D. C. Lee
Mr. Alan H. Smith, JP
Dr. Janice Tsang
Dr. S. T. Yuen
Medical Advisors
Dr. Anthony T. C. Chan
Dr. William W. L. Foo
Dr. Candace F. C. Ho
Dr. Ava Kwong
Dr. Philip W. K. Kwong
Dr. Anne W. M. Lee
Dr. Tony S. K. Mok
Dr. Jonathan S. T. Sham, JP
Dr. Janice Tsang
Dr. William I. Wei
Dr. S. T. Yuen
Audit & Investment Committee
Mr. Henry D. C. Lee
Mr. Robert K. L. Lo
Mr. David T. Ratliff
Mr. Alan H. Smith, JP
Professional Advisors
Prof. Cecilia L. W. Chan, JP
Prof. Richard Fielding
Dr. Damaris S. M. Hung
Mr. David T. Ratliff
Mr. Christopher J. Smith
Ms. Angela P. F. Wang

Tel: (852) 3656 0800                                                                                

Donation Hotline
General donation:(852) 3667 6333
COF Monthly donation:(852) 3667 6332                                                      

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