Cancer Support Services

With our range of free services and programmes, you’re never alone as you navigate life with cancer. Our professional and dedicated teams help individuals and families manage their emotions, facilitate communication and provide opportunities to enhance both emotional and physical well-being.


We help people cope with all aspects of cancer in the following ways:

We know that cancer can impact not just an individual but their entire family. Through our services and programmes, we aim to nurture and strengthen family relationships to reduce the impact of cancer on the quality of life of everyone it affects.


  • Couple and Care-giver Support

We provide family-focused programmes which include couples’ counselling and workshops to facilitate communication and improve relationships. We also offer specific support programmes to provide advice on a range of areas and help carers relieve stress and be more mindful in the important role they fulfil.


  • Rainbow Club – Support for the Children of those with Cancer

We provide care and support to children aged 4 to 17 who have a family member with cancer or have recently lost someone to cancer. Through professional support and activities, we help children cope with changes in their family as a result of cancer, and aim to minimise their emotional stress and anxiety. Our programmes for parents also provide guidance and support on how to communicate with children during this challenging time.


  • Home Care Support

We reach out to people touched by cancer who, due to relapse, disability or illness, are unable to physically access our Hong Kong Cancer Fund Support Centres. Our home-based support services help to increase our clients’ quality of life and allow them to re-connect with the community.


Our ‘Link’ newsletters provide a calendar and descriptions of the support services and wellness programmes offered by Hong Kong Cancer Fund Support Centres.


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