Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision: So no one faces cancer alone

Our Mission:
● We commit to provide holistic supportive care for cancer patients and their caregivers in HKSAR regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, social status, age, race and religion;
● We respect all cancer patients’ decisions in life and their dignity, and are highly motivated to care and support them throughout their cancer journey;
We provide assistance to relieve patients who face emergency financial difficulties due to cancer and lack access to other social and community resource support;
We empower cancer patients’ to self-manage, serve and support other patients with the same cancer type;
We are open to collaboration with the government, hospitals and community partners so as to provide a comprehensive, seamless care and support system in the region. 

Core Values:
Impartial to all cancer patients and clients;
All users are cared for under a respectful and comfortable environment;
We strive to provide evidence-based professional services to assure the therapeutic qualities of our professional services;
Data privacy and confidentiality are a priority;
We adapt our services continuously according to the changing psycho-social needs of the community;
As cancer survival rates increase, we advocate with the government to allocate additional resources towards the mental and physical wellbeing of cancer survivors in the community; 
We also advocate for the government to relax immigration policies to allow overseas workers who lose their employment due to a cancer diagnosis to remain in Hong Kong and undergo treatment.

Tel: (852) 3656 0800                                                                                

Donation Hotline
General donation:(852) 3667 6333
COF Monthly donation:(852) 3667 6332                                                      

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