Cancer Support Services

Our Cancer Patient Resource Centres (CPRCs) can be found throughout Hong Kong’s public hospitals and offer, resources for anyone diagnosed with cancer. Located within the oncology units or oncology buildings of seven of Hong Kong’s major hospitals, patients and families can gain easy access to these centres during hospital visits. As hospitals are often the first point of contact following a cancer diagnosis, CPRCs provide an immediate place of comfort, support and information. They offer provide the following services:

  • Cancer information libraries
  • Computer stations
  • Professional counselling services
  • Relaxation rooms and massage chairs
  • Rehabilitation workshops
  • Meeting rooms for peer-support activities

(Please note that services may vary depending on location.)


Cancer Patient Resource Centre locations:

Tel: (852) 3656 0800                                                                                

Donation Hotline
General donation:(852) 3667 6333
COF Monthly donation:(852) 3667 6332                                                      

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