Create Your Campaign

Create your own campaign or challenge for a good cause


Change that dream into a reality. Set your challenge and ask your family, friends and work colleagues to support you.

Simply create your campaign and share the link to your personal fundraising page with the people you know. Your friends and family can make an online donation quickly and easily, in a few simple steps.


A few ideas:

Your birthday: Ask for donations rather than gifts this year.

Set yourself a challenge: Have you ever wanted an excuse to jump out of an aeroplane, hike the Great Wall of China, cycle through Vietnam, complete that marathon or swim as a team in the ‘Cold Half’?

Get friends and family to support you by donating, and help cancer survivors overcome their challenges too!

Your wedding: Donate part of your ‘lai see’ or ‘wishing well’ contributions, or ask friends and family for donations rather than wedding gifts.

Once you’ve decided how you want to raise funds, we can help you develop a page to promote your challenge and fundraising goals. In just a few simple steps, you can create a personal webpage through which you can invite friends, family or colleagues to donate to Cancer Fund.

Donations will be processed online, and a list of your donors together with the total funds raised will be shown on your webpage. We will issue a receipt and a letter of thanks to all your supporters. Donations over HK$ 100 (with receipt) are tax deductible.

Simply click here to get started!


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