About Us
Because no one should face cancer alone

Our holistic approach to cancer care ensures people with cancer and their families have free access to life-changing information and professional support as they navigate through their diagnosis, treatment and into survivorship.

Our mission is to ensure that no one faces cancer alone.

Hong Kong Cancer Fund is the city’s largest cancer support organisation, providing free information and professional support to anyone living with or affected by cancer.

Established in 1987, our vision is to improve the quality of cancer support in Hong Kong and ensure that no one faces cancer alone. We began by offering free information and support, these activities have expanded over time to address all aspects of care through our support centres in the community and hospital network. Our work now encompasses psychosocial services, public education, cancer research, home care, peer support, complementary therapies, funding of hospital equipment and much more. These services all help to address the gaps in cancer care and improve the lives of people touched by the condition.

To facilitate our work we have a network that comprises of four Cancer Fund Support Centres and Cancer Patient Resource Centres (CPRs) at seven major public hospitals.

You can find more on our services and programmes here.

Hong Kong Cancer Fund’s services are free. Receiving no money from the government or the Community Chest, we rely solely on public generosity to sustain our free and ongoing cancer support services.

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