Helping others to support cancer patients and their families

Hong Kong Cancer Fund provides funding and offers support to a wide range of services and facilities.

In addition to providing support directly to individuals with cancer and their families, our time, resources and money contribute to a range of initiatives addressing the many and varied aspects of cancer. We support the improvement of hospital facilities, fund research and training, and share our expertise with others. Through supporting the wider oncology community, we hope to achieve our common goal of improving patient outcomes and quality of life for people touched by cancer.  

Hong Kong Cancer Fund has over three decades of experience in providing support to those affected by cancer. What we've learnt from this experience has also proven of great value to others who share our goal to ensure that everyone touched by cancer receives support. We have been able to share our model of support with communities in mainland China; including cancer-care initiatives, exchange tours and collaborative efforts with hospitals.

New Voice Club

Since 1993, we have been sponsoring exchange tours for the New Voice Club, a peer and rehabilitation support group for cancer survivors who have had their voice box surgically removed.

Due to a lack of rehabilitation support services, many cancer patients in mainland China did not realise they could talk following surgery, leaving them in distress without this tool to communicate.

Members from the New Voice Club Hong Kong trained their mainland peers in the use of special aids and speech therapy following surgery, to bridge this gap in knowledge and services.

Not only have these tours offered practical assistance in helping mainland patients regain the use of their voice, the spirit of self-help and community among cancer survivors has also been strengthened.

The New Voice Club has been on tours of many major cities, including: Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shenyang, Changchun, Tianjin, Guangxi, Wuhan and Nanchong.

As a result of these tours, two rehabilitation groups have since been established in Shanghai and Guangxi.


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