Palliative Care in Cancer
Adjusting to life with cancer is possible

We are committed to supporting cancer survivors to live a high-quality life during and beyond cancer.

Many people think that a cancer journey is over once treatment is complete. In reality, cancer can affect a person’s physical, emotional and general quality of life long after treatment has ended. This period in a cancer survivor’s life is referred to as ‘survivorship’.

Whilst the experience is unique for everyone, there are many commonalties in the challenges faced by people in life after cancer, and specific issues have emerged as being especially prevalent in survivorship. These include: ongoing medical treatment and side effects, physical, emotional and relationship changes and impact on work or education.

Our support services are available to anyone affected by cancer for as long as they need them. Our professionals provide support and guidance to cancer survivors, their families and friends as they adjust to life after cancer. We offer a range of adjustment, rehabilitation and peer-support programmes. Examples include:

  • Myths About Diet for Cancer Patients

  • Caring For Your Skin Following Treatment

  • Cancer Type Specific Adjustment

  • Prepare Yourself To Resume Work

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