Frequently Asked Questions for a One-off Donation

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about a one-off donation. If you have any other questions, please contact our Donation hotline on 3667 6333.


What should I do if I see neither of “Transaction accepted” or ‘Bank Rejected” message or other error messages?

A: Call 3667 6333 during office hours or email [email protected]. Please provide your online donation number, personal details, donation date and amount for checking.


In case the system shows “The system is under maintenance” during the online process.  What should I do?

A: Call 3667 6333 during office hours or email [email protected] to confirm. Please provide your online donation number, personal information, donation date and amount. We will check it for you. To avoid duplicated debits, I advise you not to donate online again without confirming your donation status.


When will the donation be debited from my credit card?

A: Your donation will be processed from your credit card instantly.


Do you accept other currencies for online donation?

A: Our online donation system accepts Hong Kong dollars only.


When will I receive the donation receipt?

A: You will receive our e-receipt instantly once the online donation process is complete. Please make sure your email address is entered correctly.


How do I know if my online donation is successful?

A: When the online donation process is done, the system will show either one of the following messages:

  • “Transaction accepted”, meaning your online donation has been successfully completed.
  • “Bank rejected.” meaning your online donation was not successful.

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Donation Hotline
General donation:(852) 3667 6333
COF Monthly donation:(852) 3667 6332                                                      

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