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Education is the key to raising awareness, understanding symptoms for early detection and discovering ways to reduce the risk of cancer. Learn more about Cancer Fund campaigns that run year-round.

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How often do you reach for a bag?

How many times do you reach for a bag every day? A shopping bag, a food bag in the kitchen, a bag for your rubbish bin……


The name of Friends of CancerLink has been officially changed to Friends of CancerFund on 1st April, 2023

In order to strengthen Hong Kong Cancer Fund’s brand presence, the name of Friends of CancerLink has been……


Thanks to the Hong Kong’s legal community to raise funds for Hong Kong Cancer Fund

Hong Kong Cancer Fund is honored to be one of the beneficiary charities of Hong Kong Legal Walk this year. To support our free cancer support services and the people touched by cancer.

Where to Find Help

Cancer Patient Resource Centres

  • Tuen Mun Hospital
  • Princess Margaret Hospital
  • Prince of Wales Hospital
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • United Christian Hospital
  • Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital
  • Queen Mary Hospital

Tel: (852) 3656 0800                                                                                

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General donation:(852) 3667 6333
COF Monthly donation:(852) 3667 6332                                                      

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