Moving forward to men’s health

Men's health


We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Movember for their invaluable partnership over the past 12 years in support in our men’s health programmes. While they have shifted their geographic focus and are no longer operating in Hong Kong, the impact they have had on our free services for prostate cancer is truly significant. Together, our programmes have benefited thousands of men and their families. 


To ensure the continuity of our free professional cancer support services for men, we invite you to consider various ways to support us. 

Become our monthly donor or create your own unique fundraising campaign on our DIY webpage, where friends or colleagues you ‘invite’ can make donations directly to us.

Think big and think outside the box! You can organise epic challenges like hiking the highest Tai Mo Shan, running a cross-city relay with your buddies, or even participating in a pop song dance challenge, skydiving, or a yoga marathon. The options are endless! And remember, the more unique and exciting your campaign, the more people will be inspired to contribute.


Let’s continue moving forward for men’s health!


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