Hong Kong Cancer Fund urges men aged 50+ to conduct regular PSA tests

An average of 1.3 million diagnosed with prostate cancer globally

“Going Through Project” offers free services and support for prostate cancer survivors

Global charity event Movember shows support for Hong Kong Cancer Fund & raises awareness for men’s health


November 10, 2022 (Hong Kong) – Prostate Cancer is the third most common cancer among Hong Kongers, ranking just behind lung and colorectal cancer. According to the latest 2020 figures from the Hong Kong Cancer Registry, 1 in every 27 men has a chance of prostate cancer. In new cancer cases, prostate cancer totals 2,315 patients, or 13.9% of all new male cancers. This is a 55% increase from 2010, making prostate cancer one of the fastest growing cancers. The Hong Kong Cancer Fund has long offered free services for prostate cancer survivors and their family members and caretakers. Its “Going Through Project” caters to their needs in a comprehensive and evidence-based approach.


Prostate cancer is a malignant tumour often asymptomatic or only showing a few symptoms at the early stages. It is the fourth most lethal cancer, with an overall 5-year relative survival rate of 84% and a survival rate of 97% or higher in Stages 1 to 3. The survival rate of Stage 4 prostate cancer, however, drops to 45% , meaning early detection is the key to treatment and recovery. As such, The Hong Kong Cancer Fund urges men aged 50 or above – whether they exhibit symptoms or not – to conduct regular Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Tests, which uses blood samples to detect the risk of prostate cancer. Men who have family members who have had, have high risk or exhibit symptoms of prostate cancer – regardless of age – must discuss with medical professionals immediately to conduct further examination.


6 Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Men should always be aware of their urine and should consult their family doctor immediately if they find any abnormalities such as below.

● Weak flow when urinating

● Urinating more often than usual during the day

● Urinating more frequently than normal at night

● Frequently needing to rush to the toilet to pass urine

● Difficulty in urinating

● Frequent pain or stiffness in lower back, hips and upper thighs


Since 2014, The Hong Kong Cancer Fund Support Centres’ “Going Through Project” has offered free aid to prostate cancer survivors and their families and caretakers. The project includes support via health-related information, symptoms management, exercise rehabilitation, talks by urologists, cardio and weight-training classes, peer sharing and much more across four major event pillars – all designed to pave a smooth path of recovery for survivors.



The Hong Kong Cancer Fund has been proactive in educating the public on prostate cancer. It has invited Dr. Ho Lap Yin, Urologist and Medical Advisor for the Hong Kong Cancer Fund, to take part in a series of prostate cancer educational videos that answers a lot of frequently asked questions about the tumour.  These include: does an enlarged prostate increase the risk of cancer? Could erectile dysfunction and incontinence be avoided post-treatment? Dr. Ho also shares in detail the cause, symptoms, treatment and more of prostate cancer.


Mr Li

Li Tak Kwong is a Hong Kong Cancer Fund volunteer and a prostate-cancer survivor. In 2017, he was diagnosed with 3rd stage prostate cancer. As a survivor, Lee urges fellow men to grasp a thorough understanding of prostate cancer as early on as possible and should schedule in regular blood and PSA checks starting at 50 years old to ensure early detection and effective treatments. Shall they find any abnormalities during urination, they should discuss with their doctors immediately.


The annual fundraising event, Movember, held in November raises awareness for men’s health, especially for prostate and testicular cancers, mental health and more. This fun event invites men around the world to grow a moustache or commit to a physical activity to show their support for men’s health and to raise funds for the services for prostate cancer survivors; it has received ample support over the years. Starting 2013, The Hong Kong Cancer Fund became a beneficiary of Movember: the funds raised will be used to support its free services for prostate cancer survivors and related cancer research in Hong Kong. Men, it’s time to support your fellow buddies and take a stand!



About Hong Kong Cancer Fund:

As Hong Kong’s largest cancer support organisation, the Hong Kong Cancer Fund (Cancer Fund) provides free information and professional support services to anyone living with or affected by cancer. The Cancer Fund aims to reduce the impact of cancer, increase cancer awareness and ensure that no one faces cancer alone. Founded in 1987, our work encompasses professional, psychological and social care services, home care, peer support, funding of hospital equipment and local cancer research, public education, and much more, filling the gaps in cancer care. All of our professional services are all FREE. Receiving no money from the government or the Community Chest, we rely solely on public generosity to sustain our ongoing cancer support services. 


About Movember:

Movember is the world’s leading charity organisation that focuses on men’s health. Funds raised will be used in research and support to ensure happier, healthier and longer lives for men. The organisation has achieved breakthrough after breakthrough and now sees millions of participants globally plus 1,250 projects that fund prostate, testicular, and anti-suicidal causes. Aside from focusing on men’s health, Movember also encourages men to stay healthy by staying connecting with open discussions about health, life and important moments in their lives.

For more details, please visit: hk.movember.com


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