Important Announcement

Important Announcement

This is an important announcement to the public and to our loyal donors from Hong Kong Cancer Fund.


Recently, we have received a number of concerned enquiries regarding organizations called the “Hong Kong Preventive Medicine Centre” and “Cancer Association”, which is promoting the sale of cancer-related health screenings & cervical vaccine injection. We have received a number of calls from our donors saying that these commercial organizations are claiming they are affiliated with us, even though they are not. As a non-profit organization, and in good faith to our loyal supporters and the public, we wish to clarify that we are in no way related to the above-mentioned commercial companies.

We would like to again remind the public and our supporters of the following:

1) Our organization, HONG KONG CANCER FUND and our CANCERLINK SUPPORT CENTRES, are in no way related to the CANCER ASSOCIATION and HONG KONG PREVENTIVE MEDICINE CENTRE, nor do we endorse their products/services.

2) Hong Kong Cancer Fund is a non-profit organization and all our services are FREE.

3) We DO NOT sell any health products, nor do we charge money to provide health screening and vaccine injection services.

If you would like further information concerning this matter, please contact us at 3667 6333 or 3656 0800.

Tel: (852) 3656 0800                                                                                

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