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CNY appeal

Cathy and her family felt helpless when she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) in her early 30s. Her husband Jonathan was in shock and her two young sons began to act up at school. They all felt very anxious. Jonathan then came to our Cancer Fund Support Centre in Kwai Chung with Cathy and our professional team provided in-depth care and counselling for their entire family. Cathy has now recovered and her family has found hope, peace and love again through our cancer care services. 

Together, we can support more families like Cathy’s. Your generosity will make our work possible and truly make a difference to more people’s lives.

Donate HK$500 – can support 1 patient to receive two one-on-one sessions conducted by our experienced nurse to address his/her side-effects during and after treatment.

Donate HK$1,000 – can support 1 child whose parent is touched by cancer to receive two sessions of play therapy to explore and process his/her negative emotions.

Donate HK$1,500 – can support 2 families to receive in-depth case management and counselling by our nurse and counsellor to help them better manage side-effects during and after treatment.

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