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NPC (Nasopharyngeal Cancer)

The Diagnosis and Treatment | Questions

The nasopharynx is an area behind the nose, at the centre of the head, which can only be examined by special instruments
Nearby structures are the nose, nasal sinuses, the Eustachian tube leading to the middle ear, and the base of the skull bone containing a few nerves that control sensation and movement of the eye and the face
The nasopharynx has a strong lymphatic link with the neck glands on both sides of the neck

The Cause

Inherited characteristics
Infection by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)
Certain environmental factors

The Symptoms
The first symptoms of NPC are:

blood-stained nasal draining
postnasal dribbling
nasal obstruction
a blocked feeling in the ear

Late symptoms including:

double vision
facial pain

The first sign of a spreading cancer may be a lump in the neck. Most of these secondary (metastatic) tumours in the neck glands will still be curable if the patient seeks medical help immediately.

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