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Professional Counselling
Cancer can be terrifying, isolating and exhausting, not just for the patient, but for spouses, the family and their loved ones. Cancer can also impact finances, personal relationships, life plans, self-esteem, fertility, or dynamics in the home.

We believe it's important for people living with or affected by cancer to know that they are not alone - more importantly - not to face cancer alone.

Our free and professional counselling service helps individuals and families understand their situation, manage their emotions, discuss difficult topics or simply provide an outlet to release suppressed emotions.  More importantly, we work as a navigator to help make their cancer journey easier.

We have a very strict privacy clause which means that any information you share with our professional counsellors is kept confidential.

If you would like to arrange an individual or family consultation session with one of our qualified counsellors, who are nurses or social workers, please call our CancerLink Central on 3667-3000, CancerLink Wong Tai Sin on 3656-0800 or CancerLink Tin Shui Wai on 3919-7000.