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  • 2:49
    Dr. Ho Lap-yinNov 17,2021

    In this video our medical advisor Dr. Ho Lap-yin shares the latest figures on prostate cancer in Hong Kong, as well as some useful information about this (usually) slow-growing cancer. (This video is in Cantonese only).

  • 6:59
    Dr. Ho Lap-YinNov 06,2020

    Our medical advisor, Dr. Ho Lap-Yin, will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about prostate cancer in this video. Watch it now. (Video in Cantonese only).

  • 11:17
    Dr. Ho Lap-YinNov 06,2020

    Watch our video talks by Dr. Ho Lap-yin, our medical advisor, on the latest information about prostate cancer, on how to screen and treatment for it. (Video is in Cantonese only).