Below are some frequently asked quetions about the challenge.If you have any other questions,please contact us on 3667 6381.


How do friends, family and work colleagues sponsor me / my team?

It’s easy! Once your registration form has been approved, you will receive a link to your own fundraising page which you can share with your friends, family and work colleagues. They simply click on the link to your page and they can make an online donation. Their donations will then show on your fundraising page so you can keep track of their progress.


Once I have completed the registration form, how long will it take for my fundraising page to go live? 

It will take a maximum of 2 working days for us to review your registration form and create a fundraising page for you. A link to your page will be sent directly to your email so please check your ‘spam’ or ‘junk’ email folders in case it has been directed there automatically.


How long will my fundraising page be available for people to donate to?

Your page will be ‘live’ from the time your registration is approved until Monday 12th February.


Why will my fundraising page be live even though I have finished the challenge?

You may hear ‘I’m happy to sponsor you – when you’ve completed the challenge!’ By keeping your fundraising page open for a short time after the challenge, you will have the opportunity to ask your ‘non-believers’ to give their donations.


How will I know if my friends / family / work colleague have donated?

Check your fundraising page regularly to see the names of people who are supporting you and the amount they have donated.


Will people who sponsor me receive a tax receipt?

Donations of HK$100 and over are tax deductible in Hong Kong. When the donation is made your donor will receive an automated email with an e-receipt.


How do I update my information such as changing my target or photo?

You can update the information on your Soberman fundraising page at any time. Simply click on the link to your fundraising page, enter your password and you will be free to make as many edits you like. Please note that any changes to your page will need to be approved, which will take a maximum of two working days.


How does the ‘Liquor Levy’ work?

Even though you are on a month long alcohol free challenge, it doesn’t mean that the special events and anniversaries will be on hold too. Life is all about balance and while this challenge is fun and healthy, we know that some occasions deserve a toast. Be honest with yourself and simply donate HK$100 to your own fundraising page as a liquor levy and enjoy your celebration with a drink.– Just remember to get straight back into the challenge the next day!


Do you share my personal details with third parties?

Hong Kong Cancer Fund has a strict privacy policy and takes the utmost care to manage and protect your personal details. To read our full Privacy Policy, please click here.