Breast Cancer Support Services

Breast cancer support services

Dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis and preparing for treatment can be a traumatic experience. Patients often feel fearful, anxious and overwhelmed by their diagnosis and the treatment decisions they face. Our registered social workers and nurses, art therapist, dietitian and professionally-trained volunteers are experienced and have all the information you need about your diagnosis, treatment options and potential side effects.

Following is our FREE breast cancer support services:

1. Nursing consultation service

  • Lymphoedema assessment and workshop
  • Consultation on symptom management
  • Post- surgery assessment and rehabilitation exercise workshop

2. Dietetic consultations for improving overall healthimg 4103

3. Sexual health and intimacy

  • Help patients to understand how treatment affects the intimate relationship, and guide couples to relieve their doubt so as to re-establish their intimate relationship.

4. Art therapy and clinical psychologist service

  • Help cancer patients and their family to unlock suppressed feelings and nurture their self-acceptance

5. Self-image support workshops120418-1431-img 8465

  • Free wigs / headscarf / hair-cut service
  • Self-image enhancement class
  • Skin and hair care workshops / breast prosthesis workshop

6. Peer support groups

  • We provide a networking platform for breast cancer self-help groups where survivors gather to share insights and care

7. Recovery packsbreast cancer recovery pack

  • Delivered to women after breast cancer surgery to help with recovery

8. Family Support Services

  • Assist carers to understand caring skills
  • Carers’ psychological management
  • Children psychological support

9. Financial Assistance

  • Prosthesis Fund
  • Food Programme/Hardship Relief Fund
  • Free Imaging Surveillance Programme