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Join the Pink Revolution!

Cancer Fund’s Pink Revolution is our annual month-long breast cancer education and fundraising campaign. Every October, we join many organizations around the world to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month to highlight the importance of breast awareness, education and care services.

“No Matter What Size You Are, Check Regularly.” Early detection save lives.

With over 4,000 newly diagnosed breast cancer cases a year, there are more women than ever requiring our professional services, including counselling, dietetic and nursing consultations, peer support and wellness programmes, and the demand continues to grow. This year, we aim to raise HK$3 million to sustain our FREE breast cancer care services. Let’s share the care and help make a difference in the lives of women and their families affected by breast cancer. Join us to show your support!

Why Breast Cancer Awareness is Important?

Breast cancer is
the most common cancer among
women in Hong Kong*

One in 14 women in Hong Kong
are at risk of developing breast cancer*^

Breast cancer ranks as
the 3rd leading cause of
cancer related deaths
among women in
Hong Kong*

Breast cancer

There were 4,956
new breast cancer cases in 2020
among women
in Hong Kong*

56 is the median age
of women with
breast cancer in Hong Kong*

* Hong Kong Cancer Registry, Hospital Authority 2022 (figures from 2020)
^ Lifetime risk before age 75


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