Raymond Ho


CancerLink changed things for me: Raymond Ho

“It was a shock when I was told I had prostate cancer at the age of 52. Both my parents and two elder brothers passed away from cancer, so I knew I was more at risk, but the result still came as a massive blow.

I was fearful and felt helpless. I couldn’t stop thinking negatively.

CancerLink changed things for me. They were a real support and comfort. There, I was able to find out all I needed to know about my treatment and side effects. I spoke to a peer ambassador who told me what to expect after my surgery.

Like many men, I was reluctant to talk about health issues and avoided the doctor. I just focused on my work and providing for my family. I now know that you can only really do this if you have your health. It’s so important to speak to a doctor if you have any symptoms or prostate concerns.

Since my recovery, I have been volunteering at CancerLink to help others learn from my experience. Talking to someone who had gone through a similar journey was so important for me. They helped me realise there’s no point wasting life by being worried all the time. There is life after prostate cancer and it’s important to get on and enjoy it.”