During Diagnosis and Treatment


Dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis and preparing for treatment can be a traumatic experience. Patients often feel fearful, anxious and overwhelmed by their diagnosis and the treatment decisions they face. Our registered social workers and nurses, art therapist, dietitian and professionally-trained volunteers are experienced and have all the information you need about your diagnosis, treatment options and potential side effects.


Our service helpline (3656 0800) provides immediate emotional support and information to people touched by breast cancer. Overseen and serviced by our social workers and registered nurses, our hotline is a valuable resource for people wanting to ask questions about breast cancer, talk about their experience, or learn more about our FREE support services.

Individual or Family Counselling

Our FREE and professional counselling services help individuals and families touched by breast cancer to understand their situation, manage their feelings, discuss difficult topics, or simply serve as an outlet to release suppressed emotions. More importantly, we try to make their breast cancer journey that little bit easier.

Breast Cancer Self-Help Groups

We sponsor six breast cancer self-help groups to bring together women who are living with or affected by breast cancer. Peer support is a great way to remind women that they are not alone and can seek support from others who have been through their own cancer journey, or who are undergoing treatment. To learn more about these groups, please visit our Peer Support page.

Nursing Consultations

Our registered nurse specialists provide one-on-one consultations to help clients and their families learn more about breast cancer, what to expect, what to ask their doctor, how to prepare and how best to manage their symptoms or side effects.