According to the Hospital Authority’s latest cancer statistics in 2015, non-melanoma skin cancer is the seventh most common cancer in Hong Kong, and the number of new cases continues to grow each year.

What causes skin cancer?

You may love sunbathing, but did you know that the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause skin damage and possibly cancer? The more time spent in the sun, the higher your risk of skin cancer.

Each time skin is exposed to UV radiation, changes take place in the structure and function of our skin cells. Over time, skin can become permanently damaged and worsens with each exposure.

Skin cancer usually corresponds to the number of severe sunburns endured, particularly in childhood. But 'cumulative' exposure over a person's lifetime can also increase their long-term risk.

Who is at risk of skin cancer?

Individuals with fair skin have a higher risk than people with darker, olive complexions. However, all skin types can be damaged by exposure to UV radiation.

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