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Lift the lid on prostate health

Prostate cancer is now a key concern for men over the age of 50, now ranking as the 4th most commonly-diagnosed cancer in Hong Kong men. Every year, more than 1,000 new individuals are diagnosed. The problem with prostate cancer is that it often does not cause any noticeable symptoms, although, some men do report changes to their urination, like frequency or interrupted flow. These symptoms can be a result of a non-threatening enlarged prostate, or prostate cancer. The best way for men to safeguard their health and the risk of developing prostate cancer is to speak to their doctor about suitable screenings. Based on our experience, we've found that many men do not actively undergo health screenings relative to their age and medical history, or often ignore minor symptoms, self-diagnosing their condition as a symptom of “aging”.

In a bid to boost awareness concerning prostate health and screenings, Hong Kong Cancer Fund's 2011 campaign targets men over 50, in an effort to encourage awareness of prostate problems and screening options. This campaign also presses the importance of talking to your doctor if anything abnormal is detected.  We are delighted to have the generous support from Mr. Richard Ng, a well-known Hong Kong comedian, to be our education ambassador.