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"I am not alone. There are other people out there in the same boat as me who understand what I'm going through."

Peer Support
The majority of people living with cancer will tell you that peer support is invaluable.  Being able to talk with someone who shares your concerns, experiences and questions provides a vital boost to adjusting to life with cancer.

Peer support provides encouragement, information and support on a much more personal level.  Peers also serve as role-models to patients. Those who have lived through the cancer journey can help others see cancer and life in a more positive light, and very often, remind them that cancer could be overcome.

Our CancerLink centres are home to more than 22 self-help groups, where men and women touched by the same form of cancer gather together to talk, participate in fun-filled activities or share insights as to what has helped them most throughout their cancer journey.

One of the great features of our self-help groups is the "buddy system".  For many cancer survivors who have been through the full cycle of the cancer journey, they go on to support those who are newly-diagnosed, sharing what they have learnt from their experience and inviting them to join peer group activities.

To know more about our 22 self-help groups, please click here.