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"Overcoming cancer involves more than just medicine; it requires a great deal of attention to a person's spiritual, emotional and physical well-being.  At CancerLink, we've introduced a wide range of therapies to proactively manage these changes and concerns. " Venus, Centre Service Coordinator, CancerLink Wong Tai Sin.

Complementary Therapies
As cancer can bring about feelings of fear, anger, and isolation, our programmes serve to relieve stress, improve relaxation, overcome adverse side effects, readjust to a new role in the family, adopt a healthier lifestyle or find positive meaning through their own cancer experience.

We have designed many free complementary therapies which will add significant value to a person's healing process, working on their physical and emotional well-being through:

  1. Yoga – promoting strength of the body and peace of mind.  Movements are chosen to suit each individual, taking into account their treatment and movement ability throughout the course.
  2. Music / Dance / Art Therapy – Music, dance and art therapy have long been recognised as a valuable form of therapy for people suffering from physical or emotional trauma.  We regularly invite certified therapists to conduct these classes, helping patients' combat depression, express their emotions and enhance their self-esteem.
  3. Meditation – cultivating awareness and instilling calm, our meditation classes help individuals live life in the present moment, helping people worry less about the future and forget past pain.
  4. Diet & Nutrition – Registered nutritionists and Chinese medicine practitioners teach a broad range of principles towards healthy eating, improving ones' appetite, minimising the effects of nausea and boosting nutrition levels.

All three CancerLinks offer these courses on a regular basis. To know more about class times, please call CancerLink Central on 3667-3000, CancerLink Wong Tai Sin on 3656-0800, CancerLink Tin Shui Wai on 3919 7000, or CLICK HERE to look at the latest CancerLink Activities Calendar.