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You can now create your own personalised fundraising page to raise funds towards our free cancer support services. In just a few steps, you can create a unique webpage for a special event or activity, where you can invite friends or colleagues to make a donation directly to Hong Kong Cancer Fund.

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Donations will be received via the internet. A list of your donors and the total amount of funds raised will be shown on your webpage. After receiving donations, we will issue receipts and thank you letters to each of your donors.

For further queries, please call Ms Dan Tan at 3667 6384 or e-mail

Please read our FUNDRAISING GUIDELINES carefully before creating your webpage.

These guidelines are developed to assist groups and individuals that are planning fundraising projects to benefit Hong Kong Cancer Fund (HKCF). These guidelines provide the basis for a fundraiser/event to be organised by the Fundraising Event Coordinator (FR Coordinator) on behalf of HKCF. To protect both the FR Coordinator and HKCF's concern and interest, an agreement will be developed for the fundraiser/event, where these terms and conditions will form the basis of any dealings between HKCF and the FR Coordinator in relation to the fundraiser/event.

Organising the Event

  • The fundraiser/event shall be conducted in the FR Coordinator's name and is the sole responsibility of the FR Coordinator. HKCF, as a beneficiary, is not responsible for any coordination or activities undertaken by the FR Coordinator.

  • If the FR Coordinator would like to organise a charity sale to make donation to HKCF over a period of time, it is essential that the level, mode and percentage of support for HKCF are displayed clearly on all printed materials relating to the promotion.

  • If the FR Coordinator would like to approach sponsors for monetary support, the FR Coordinator must obtain prior permission from HKCF.

Use of HKCF logo and name

  • If the FR Coordinator wishes to utilise HKCF's name and/or logo on any materials or products, the FR Coordinator must obtain prior permission from HKCF. Each piece of printed material, including media releases, must be approved by HKCF. Printed material must be forwarded to HKCF for approval prior to being printed or circulated. Permission for logo usage will attract conditions, negotiated between HKCF and the FR Coordinator, especially if the use of logo is for marketing activities of an organization, and a minimum donation amount may have to be guaranteed. Guidelines on how to use the logo are supplied if the logo is provided to the FR Coordinator.
  • For general condition, HKCF's logo and name can be used by the fundraiser/event with the guaranteed minimum donation of HK$200,000. For any other forms of partnership, HKCF is open to further discussions with the FR coordinator.

  • After both the FR Coordinator and HKCF signs the agreement, FR Coordinator can use HKCF's logo or name for a finite period as stated in the agreement.

  • The level, mode and percentage of support for HKCF must be explicitly stated on all materials and correspondence relating to the fundraiser/event.

  • The FR Coordinator's arrangements for the fundraiser/event should be planned with the approval of HKCF. HKCF expects a reasonable level of regular update and information about the fundraiser/event.

Upholding HKCF's standards

  • Because of the nature of our organisation, there are some events that we cannot be associated with. It is important to decide whether the fundraiser/event corresponds with all of HKCF's health messages and values.
    Please do not consider fundraising initiatives that involve or promote:
    - tobacco
    - sun exposure/tanning/solariums
    - obesity/unhealthy eating
    - commercial cancer and health-related products and services

I have read and agreed the above fundraising guidelines
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